Thursday, October 17, 2013

Eagle Bluff Day 1

Good Morning,

I just wanted to give you a little recap of day 1 here at Eagle Bluff.  We arrived here about 10:30, unloaded our bus and met with our liasion, Kevin.  He shared with us some of the expectations that Eagle Bluff has for it's visitors.  We learned the 4 R's. Respect others, yourself, nature and the equipment here as some of it could be pretty expensive.  He also went over the different areas that we would be in: the Dorm, the Dinning Hall and the DC (this is our meeting area).

Being that Eagle Bluff is an environmental facility we also discussed other programs that they run with the students.  The Eagle Eye is an award that the students can earn by conserving resources.  This includes making sure all the lights are off in their rooms when they aren't in there, turning the water off, making sure windows are closed and recycling.  We are right across the hall from the recycling containers so this shouldn't be too hard to remember.  We can earn points and lose points if Kevin sees that something is not being done.  Our goal by the end of our visit is to have at least one point.  We are up to 5 so far.  Let's see how high we can get!

The Food Wise Program is always fun to watch the students participate in.  The idea is to have as little waste as possible.  In order to get the Clean Plate Award we can't have more than 1lb. 12oz. of food waste when we leave.  Waste after two meals=0.  Yeah, let's keep it going.  The students are learning that peer pressure isn't always a bad thing.  Students remind each other not to take more food than they will eat.  Ranch dressing, pineapple juice and hot sauce have proven to be tricky when it comes to cleaning our plates.

Yesterday afternoon we spent working with our groups doing team building activities.  This is always amazing to watch.  It is interesting to see the different personalities and ideas come to life.  Students end up learning so much about themselves and each other during this time.

After supper we had a naturalist program that discussed caves.  It was very interesting to see slides of different caves and what all can be found in them.  Some had beautiful crystals, lakes, and formations while others had bats, salamanders, and other little creatures that I don't care to come across.  The students had good questions for the speaker and were great participants and listeners.

We ended our evening around a campfire singing songs, doing skits and making and eating Smores.  What better way to end a beautiful day then that.  Students thought the 10:00 pm lights out was too early last night we will see how they enjoy their 6:30 wake up call.  Well, I'm off to start knocking on doors.  Today looks to be just as exciting as yesterday.  Happy Thursday!

I hope to get a couple of pictures up later today.

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