Friday, September 27, 2013

Book Talks

Just wanted to send out a reminder that both 7th and 8th grade students have 8 points in booktalks this quarter.  The quarter ends on October 18.  The 8th graders really need to keep this in mind being that they will be at Eagle Bluff from the 16-18 of October.  I may also be attending with the students so 7th graders should plan on having their booktalks done before the 16th also.

Book talks can be done face-to-face with me, students can create a poster for the book, they can write a review of the book, dress up like a character and tell us about the book from their point of view or they can come up with other options. I am open to almost anything as long as they talk to me about it first.

Many students have done a wonderful job of completing booktalks but some have yet to complete any.  I will be working on adding these points to students grades this next week.  This can really help or hurt scores.  Please remind your student to stay on top of this.

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